Let's answer any questions you might have about how the TLR process works:
Phone Ticket at the listening room in Pigeon Forge

STEP ONE: TICKETSPurchase your show tickets to our here on our website.| Upon completing your online order, you will be emailed a copy of your receipt to the email provided during checkout - and that receipt will include a custom, scannable barcode linked directly with your TLR order. This barcode will be scanned on your mobile device upon your arrival to TLR to gain access to the venue.

*All ticket sales are final - no transfers or refunds will be given. Before completing your online TLR ticket order, please ensure that you have noted the show date and start time for any/all items added to your shopping cart.

Doors open 30 mins prior to show time. Please arrive accordingly. Due to demand, any seats not claimed after 15 minutes of the show's start time will be considered a no-show and may be given away to stand-by customers.

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STEP TWO: DINNER RESERVATIONSYour show tickets serve as your dinner reservation. A $15 minimum food/beverage order is required per person - per show. | You can view our food and drink menuto see the amazing food selections served at both TLR venues.

We also have a front bar/restaurant area that is open for lunch and dinner with no cover. This is in a separate area than a show and will not have live music, but guests are welcome to come anytime to enjoy food/drinks with no cover or minimum!

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STEP THREE: ENJOY THE SHOW!The TLR team is excited you have chosen to come check out our amazing venue.| We believe our combination of amazingly talented artists, top-notch food, and the best live sound in business will create an experience you'll not soon forget.

We do ask that you keep the conversation to a whisper - and reserve the right to ask guests to head to the front bar/restaurant area or leave if being disruptive to the show or others, with no refunds. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the incredible variety.

Where are you located?
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NASHVILLE LOCATION: 618 4th Ave South, Nashville TN 37210. From downtown Broadway, head up 4th Ave S. and we are located just past and across the street from Rocktown. We are in the old historic International Harvester building (white and red building) on the left side of the road right before the intersection of 4th Ave S. and Elm St.

Is there a cover?
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Most of our shows typically have a $5-15 cover in order for us to pay the talent that you will enjoy on stage. We do also ask that when you take up a seat, you order a food & drink minimum of $15 per person per show. If you have any questions or concerns about cover for shows, please contact us at (615) 259-3600. We also have a front bar/restaurant area that is open for lunch and dinner with no cover. This is in a separate area than a show and will not have live music, but guests are welcome to come anytime to enjoy food/drinks with no cover or minimum!

What are your ticket policies?
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All show tickets are final. No refunds. Lineup subject to change at artists discretion. During shows, we are truly a “LISTENING ROOM” and will expect conversations be kept to a whisper out of respect to the artists on stage. The writers you will listen to are the ones who actually wrote the songs you’ll hear. These aren’t “cover songs” – these are the talented writers who wrote them. The Listening Room reserves the right to ask anyone to move to the front bar area or leave during the show if they are being disruptive to others with no refunds given. Tickets are for “dinner and a show” and we will begin seating typically 30 minutes prior to your show time. We will only hold reservations for 15 MINUTES AFTER SHOW TIME. If you are not at the show within 15 minutes of show time, The Listening Room may release your seats to other guests and consider you a no-show. To maximize seating, it is possible you will be seated with another party at the same table (i.e. two couples sat at a table of four). The Listening Room has a $15 food/drink minimum PER PERSON, PER SHOW. This minimum is to be spent in the venue area during the show and is in addition to any purchases you may make in our front bar/restaurant or waiting area. We may stream our shows online or video portions of our shows. By purchasing ticket you agree that your image or likeness may be shown online during streamed shows or on audio/video recordings. Thank you, and we look forward to having you at the show!
How to I reserve a ticket for a show?
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First, look through our music schedule for NASHVILLE to find the show you are looking for and check out the time it’s playing. We do not force you to come right at show time but we do only hold reservations for 15 minutes after the show starts. These reservations are for the show only and the venue will be cleared after each show to either get ready for a following show or prepare for closing. We do have a front bar area and separate restaurant area that is available before or after the shows for socializing. Please note that any drinks/food purchased in our front bar/restaurant area prior to the show is separate from the $15 food/beverage minimum per person required during the actual show.

Please understand that we are trying to ensure that everyone is properly greeted and taken care of upon arrival. We will always seat those who have reservations first, and if room allows, we will begin seating open walk-ins.

Our shows are available to reserve 30 days prior to the show date.
What kind of music is played at the Listening Room?
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At the Listening Room, you experience the hits you hear on the radio in a way you’ve never heard them before. The songs are portrayed by the writers themselves. We pride ourselves on original music performances with two live shows a night. During the week, expect an acoustic setting featuring anyone from up-and-coming songwriters to number one hit songwriters. While some of our weekend shows may revolve around singer-songwriters, we will also be showcasing local Nashville and East Tennessee bands, as well as, popular national acts. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on being the best sounding room in Nashville.

How do I reserve a table?
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Please see the description above for booking a ticket to a show. All of our options for reservations are listed above, which include visiting our listing on our website menu for SHOWS or go to RESERVATIONS for Lunch/Brunch.
Where do we park?
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The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville has $15 valet service, to be paid to valet prior to getting keys. All keys must be collected immediately after the show. Any keys left will not be available until the following evening when valet arrives.

The Listening Room is not responsible for keys or cars and we use a professional valet company to provide this service. Cars left overnight risk the chance of being towed/ticketed at owner’s expense.
What are your age restrictions?
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We are a family-friendly, smoke-free music venue and restaurant. Patrons under 21 years of age are not permitted to sit at the bar, but are more than welcome to enjoy their meal at one of our dining room tables. Our $15 food/beverage minimum applies to all guests.
Do you offer a full menu?
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Our menu is seasonal and absolutely wonderful. We would classify ourselves as a polished casual contemporary restaurant with a southern edge. Our goal is to move TLR into the foodie scene as well as the music scene in Nashville. We hope to be a place where you can come for the music, but enjoy a full meal as well. Dinner is served from 4pm to 10pm. Our late night menu will be from 10pm to close, which will be a limited menu of simple appetizers to accompany your beverages. We also serve brunch on Saturday from 10am-3pm with music at 11am and 1pm and great drink specials.
Do you offer off-site catering?
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We do offer off-site catering for private parties and events. Please visit our Catering and Events page to learn more.
Is there a “no talking” policy?
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Absolutely not. However, we definitely want to respect the artists and their work. Not every night at The Listening Room is a singer-songwriter night and some acts are louder than others, so we want everyone to be able to have light conversation at their tables. We do ask that you keep the conversation to a whisper - and reserve the right to ask guests to head to the front bar/restaurant area or leave if being disruptive to the show or others, with no refunds. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the incredible variety.
How can I play at the Listening Room?
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Every show at The Listening Room Cafe is booked through our owner and founder Chris Blair or our booking manager. Please see our BOOKING page for more information.
Can you accommodate large parties?
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You may purchase up to 15 tickets at a time on our site. For purchases exceeding this limit, please contact our General Manager HERE. For larger parties, we cannot guarantee your party will be seated all together, but will do our best to accommodate!
Are you hiring?
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Though we may or may not currently have open positions, we are always accepting resumes. We encourage you to call or stop by at any time for more information.
How can I rent out the room?
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The Listening Room Cafe can absolutely be rented out for private events. We currently do many wedding receptions, corporate events, and more. For all pricing and possibilities, please visit our EVENTS page for more information.

Is this place a chain?
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The Listening Room Cafe originated in Franklin, TN in 2006. In June 2008, it moved to Nashville in the historic Cummins Station where it developed its reputation as the best sounding room in Nashville and continued to grow. In 2011, we moved to a stand alone building on 2nd Ave S., and then we finally found our home in the historic International Harvester building at our current location of 618 4th Ave S. If you are interested in opening a Listening Room, please request more information by emailing our owner, Chris Blair, through the CONTACT page.

How does shipping work for merchandise?
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All our online orders are fulfilled in-house to ensure the highest quality. Due to this, the standard delivery time is 7-10 business days. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your order has been sent out for shipping.

We love finding incredible talent to play the best sounding room in Nashville.